Her aesthetics contains traces of all the disciplines that she has explored throughout her artistic career and it is defined by the decomposition of images in an analogue glitch that results in distortions typical of VHS tape display failures. All this is combined with portraits of characters that invite to a deeper and calmer observation, and suggest after a closer look, micro-universes, supernovae, landscapes or cartoons that are there in such a subtle way that, however, they are not there at all.

Ambiguity as the parable. Horror Vacui as the pattern.

Excessive and overload are part of the study of the perception of color through the peripheral view as well as the forms of abstraction in the background, but they are also a statement itself since the works call for a leisurely observation. An observation that invites you to enjoy here and now. And above all, an observation of the work in situ, thus rejecting the fast consumption or fast feed to which social media force us through their unstoppable blitz of images that perish after 15 seconds.


MADRID / Observing · Fine Arts · Graphic Design · Illustration · Work · Residence / BERLIN / Visual Communication  · Motion Graphics · Tattoo Art · Acid · Life · Art Scene · Psychedelia ·

Exhibitions: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Germany, China.


Modernism,  Midnight Gospel, Aldous Huxley, Post Punk, David Lynch, Adventure Time, Psychedelic Rock, Courtney Love, urban lights, religious iconography, analog glitch



Selected artist at Metawalls. Decentraland - Berlin.

 F i Z. is excessive. is psych. is glitch.