Cosmopsycho Installation

Cosmopsycho speaks of the cosmos, of the psyche, it is a mosaic. Cosmopsycho speaks of the Fear of oblivion,
of the Fear of not having transcendence or descendants. It speaks of the fact that nothing remains, not even our memories.

It speaks of a photograph of childhood cracking and decomposing into a cosmic void. An image being absorbed by nothingness.
Decomposing into fragments. It speaks of matter, and it speaks of the digital grey matter we cling to as an act of transhumanism.

It speaks of a memory disappearing into the Universe. It speaks of the first Great Loss and the confrontation with The End.
It speaks of grief. Of frustration. It also speaks of an existential void. And it speaks of Silence

It speaks of learning to SPEAK. It speaks of the need to create an intangible dwelling place in memory after the disappearance of Home,
the place of origin, after losing homeland and father. After losing Dad. It speaks of the need to accept that nothing remains.
And the need to believe that there is something on the other side of the black holes.

And it speaks of the fact that in the end, Love is Home.

Installation for Art Battalion Festival VII Edition. Espacio Rastro, Madrid. September 2023.
Painting, 3d objects, light and soundscapes.