Artwork for the group exhibition Ideentität, presenting the works by the collektive MARS, formed by Carolina del Pilar, Maru, Marlies Pahlenger,
Maor-Ozomatli and my self.

Acrylics on wood board and pieces of wood.98x60x5cms. Berlin, 2022.

Ideentität is a multidisciplinary exhibition project by the Berlin-based artists' collective MARS13, which has its roots in Germany, Colombia, Mexico and Spain. Six artists come together to explore the themes of identity, intimacy and individuality in their works. Using different media, each artist explores her own process of self-knowledge, which begins with leaving her place of origin. It is characterised by leaving and accepting identity shells, which can be fluid and layered. What happens when the idea of an entity bursts away and something that exists is left behind?

On display are digital and analogue paintings, ceramic sculptures, performative documentary film, drawing, object painting, puzzles and poetry.
Individual identity refers to the basic human need for recognition and belonging; in psychology, identity reflects Plato's notion that humans are in a constant state of physical, mental, cultural and social change through collective and individual transformation. The functionality of identity is that of a self-reflexive articulation between the inner and outer worlds.