The Origin of The GoddeSSes

(In Utero)

February 2022.
Series composed by 3 pieces made in mixed media on finnish board and acrylglas.


3.In Utero _ RESURGENCE The_Origin_Of_th3:GodDe3s3sses.

2.In Utero _ Am I (prostituting) My Art?The_Origin_Of_th3:GodDe3s3sses.

3.In Utero - Keep Us Wild The_Origin_Of_th3:GodDe3s3sses.

28X28X1 Cms. MIXED M3DIA & GOLD L34F On fInNISH BoARD and Acrylhglas Sh0wcase. 

Goal: RecompoSing Th3 Pi3ces, Cre4ting From Int3ligible Existenc3..*
Topics: InUtero/Genesis/Origin/DNA/Essence/Heritage/Rebirth/Stre4m//Roots/CyB3rBi0pHiLi4