A place to play. The place where actually, FIZ as Excessive, Psych and Glitch started.

The playground where I started experimenting with different ways of working. Maybe not working, but OBSERVING. The place where all my experience as an artist, my skills, my references and my stories to tell collided and burst into a new universe of new shapes, languages and forms.
And it is there, in that Infinitive Canvas, where I am able to find a space for all my creations no matter it style, purpose, medium or discipline And it is there where I have been finally able to turn what I thought as a weakness (the lack of cohesion) into my most powerfull skill when it comes to creating.

I invite you to discover it.Here.

 F i Z. is excessive. is psych. is glitch.

 Keep us wild //
 Resurgence //
 Now that I Am Real //
 eM htiW klaW eriF //
 Revisited Artworks //
 Skulls&Faces //