Now That I am Real

An angel wonders, a question is drawn.
Am I my Art? 
A word is formed.
The meaning of the question is changed.
Am I (prostituting) my Art?The artist's art is not enough. Nowadays with tools as 
powerful as social networks, art spreads like wildfire. 
It reaches remote places on the planet and our audience 
is more global than ever. 
However, art is not enough. The talent of the artist is 
not enough. The artist must also expose itself, the 
audience demands it. Audience hungry for meat. Where does
the art begin and where does the artist end?This performance is not only a reflection about the 
exposure of the artist's figure on social networks, 
her trivialization or the need to transcend his work, 
but it is also a journey that culminates in the 
satisfaction of being in the desired place, of finding 
herself, of knowing herself real, of knowing that this 
is the way and not others. It is a reunion with the lost
and recovered identity, an ode to self-knowledge after a
journey through a personal deconstruction that has given 
rise to my most mature, intimate and evolved work so far.Production: Paola Alvárez Filmproduktion

 F i Z. is excessive. is psych. is glitch.

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