FIZ's aesthetic contains traces of all the disciplines she has explored throughout her artistic career and is defined by the decomposition of images into an analogue glitch, an effect that was taken as a starting point after the images created for the digital project for Instagram Infinite Canvas, which main characteristic was to explore the improvisation as a leitmotiv and with a never ending narrative. A way of working that has subsequently evolved into paintings that show images broken down into a complex language of figures and organisms that collide with each other in a map full of signs, without any meaning but with all the possible meanings one might want to find. A library of elements reminiscent of icons, flat colors and typographies used in Graphic Design.  Elements that show a bigger picture starred by unidentifiable characters in spaces where hidden messages emerge out of floating letters or shapes that evoque words. These images invite a deeper and calmer observation, and suggest, after a closer look, micro-universes, supernovas, landscapes or cartoons that are there in such a subtle way that are not THERE at all.

Ambiguity as parable.Horror vacui as a pattern.
Digital appearance. Tangible state.


Excess and overload are part of FIZ´s work along with  the study of the perception of color, as well as the forms of abstraction in the background. And this is also a statement, as the works call for slow observation. An observation that invites the viewer to enjoy hhere and noww w w v . And above all, an observation of the work IN SITU , thus rejecting the rapid consumption or fast feed to which social networks force us through their unstoppable bombardment of images that perish after 15 seconds. And to prove that the works are tangible despite its digital appearance.

As Mother of Images, she gives birth to pieces full of contrasts that invite the viewer to observe and get lost in the madness of the elements captured, discovering a multitude of interpretations.  This proposal seeks a slow and curious look, and aims to immerse the viewer in a universe of infinite meanings through the creation of a universe composed of 3D paintings,
totems, puzzles and audiovisual material. The scripts are part of the paintings too, as it is this WEBSITE, which invites to play and to imagine new meanings with FIZ-a-Puzzle.  Because very often you can find them in the titles, wordings or any other chance that allows to work with texts which will be decomposed in visual metaphors made out of the characters in the sentences .

Lately, all her images are being combined with acrylglas showcases that portray a new layer of meaning that dances along with the underlying images.
These  laser-cut showcases add a cleaner,  more industrial look to the paintings and gives them a strong
digital appearance.
The showcases are composed of layers of acrylic that
extrude the paintings and turn them into objects

PLEASE take a LOOk.
C L  OS E R.